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Christmas NBA DFS: 12/25/2019

This is a free sample of the write up that 925 Sports does for each NBA DFS Slate we play during the season. We will typically play 4 times a week on average. Just playing the slates where we can find an edge in pricing. The write up below will be the main plays that we are going after on the slate.

The lineup in this write up, and the information below is subject to change. The lineup posted should be used as a tool to guide your lineup preferences. The lineup posted will most likely be changed before lineup lock and maybe after lineup lock as the news comes in.

The players posted below are the players that are most likely to hit or exceed their price point value.

Point Guard:

  • George Hill - $4,300: Today's slate is going to be one in which we have to go out and find value as DK has done a great job with pricing. Hill makes for a great play tonight especially if you think today's game will stay close. If Hill gets over 20 minutes he will have no problem hitting value. Over the past six games Hill is averaging 24 DK points on just 22 minutes per game.

  • Rajon Rondo - $4,700: Another slightly less obvious play on the slate tonight is Rondo. Rondo has hit for over 25 DK points in 3 out of his last 4 games, but the one where he didn't get there was less than 10 DK points. Rondo has been hit or miss this year, but "Primetime" Rondo is a thing, and I think that will continue today. Its risky but I wouldn't be surpised is Rondo broke today's slate.

Other PG Plays I Really Like: If you could get to Kyle Lowry, Russell Westbrook, or James Harden I think you should today. They are tough to pay up for though because of all the studs we have available on this slate.

Shooting Guard:

  • De'Angelo Russell - $7,400: Sure the match up isn't the best, but this is a spot where we were targeting De"Aaron Fox just two nights ago and he went off. I think Russell will continue to be a solid play. He has had over 40 DK points in 3 straight games. If and when that continues tonight he is priced way too cheap! If you're looking to pay down slightly role with Alec Burks who has been a stud this past month in the past 5 games Burks is averaging 35 DK points.

Small Forward:

  • Khris Middleton - $6,500: I am assuming that this game between the Sixers and the Bucks is going to stay close. But with the way the Bucks have been playing who knows. If the game does stay close Middleton is priced way too cheap! If he gets to 35 minutes I think he will go for 40 DK points. But since Middleton has been back from injury they have been watching his minutes so in blowouts he hasn't been getting any where close to 35 minutes.

  • Draymond Green - $6,100: Much like Rondo where he steps up in primetime games I believe that Draymond will do the same today. I think that he will stuff the stat sheet today. This is a more risky play though, but that is today's slate.

Power Forward:

  • Paul Millsap - $4,600: Give me Paul Millsap at this price point on this slate all day. We know that he is going to score around 25 DK points today, and it wouldn't surprise me if he went off. Still if he has a bad game he should get around 18 DK points which will not kill you. Another play that I like on this slate is Al Horford. He has crushed the Bucks in the past, and the Bucks just get destroyed by Power Forwards. Horford is also a risky play but he could go off. I wish he was cheaper.

  • Serge Ibaka - $7,300: In three out of the last 4 games since Siakam has been out Ibaka has stepped up, and scored 38 DK points or more in each game. The only game he did not get there is where the Raptors back ups got extended minutes and made a historic comeback. Ibaka could go for 40 + tonight, but at the very least he should hit value.


  • Clint Capela - $7,500: Capela will go off tonight if this game stays close. This is a very soft match up, and both teams have players that just toss up a ton of shots. He should have safety, and upside today. (If the game stays close)

  • Brook Lopez - $5,000: Brooke Lopez has had over 30 DK points in the last three games, which is great, but that is not why I like this play. I like this play because this game should stay close, and if it does Lopez will get over 30 minutes, and score over 30 DK points.


Value Plays: Strategy today for value plays is to just find players that will hit value. Maybe just score around 18 DK points. Only playing them in a stars and scrubs build.

  • J. Hayes: His DK points tonight should range anywhere betwee n 15 - 25 DK points. Not a great value play but good enough.

  • M. Chriss: Take what I said about Hayes and apply that to Chriss, his production should be a little bit more secure however.

  • Pat Connaughton: A cheap value play that should get around 20 minutes, if he gets hot from three he could go off. But still he should be a lock to score 12 DK points.

Core Plays: George Hill, Russell, Serge Ibaka

If/Then Statements:

If you're playing more than one lineup tonight than you need to stack each game.

Can't Ignore Production:

PJ Tucker: He has been pretty consistent this season. He will bust occasionally but for the most part he hits value. Not a bad play if you're playing more than one lineup.



*This is a sample lineup. Lineup will change before lock. Use this as a tool to assist in your lineup build process.

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