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Notes - Coming soon to 925


There is a lineup optimizer in the works for the 925 Sports page. I hope to have it available and functioning properly for every one by Masters week.

This will be available for NFL, and PGA. This is not a promise that it will be available. Rather that this is something that I am working on to provide more value to you the customer. I will keep the costs still at $10.

I want the optimizer to reflect the plays/player pool that I am on, while mirroring the simplistic approach that we like to take with DFS. The easier it is to plug and play the players you want to be on the easier it is to profit.

This tool will not be for everyone, and it should not be used by everyone. There are a specific DFS players that like this tool, and all though I personally like to make my builds by hand I can see where someone would find value in picking and choosing which builds they like.

More news on this in the weeks to come!

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26 de nov. de 2020

Awsome, you're the best in the business....

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