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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does 925 Pull it's data from?

For golf 925 pulls it's data from what is provided by the DFS sites, and from the PGA Tour. It is then curated for you for that week's tournament.

How to use the lineup optimizer?

PGA DFS: How to 

NFL DFS: How to

Why should I become a member?

Besides it being the most in depth golf data, at the lowest cost, you're getting easy access to information for golfers that will help you be successful in the long term.

When does the data update?

The golf data is updated about an hour after Draftkings releases their salaries. The writeup is available on Tuesday evenings. Any DP Tour, KFT Tour data will be updated on Wednesday. 

NFL Data is updated on Wednesdays.

Where do I go to make changes to my profile?

The top right hand corner has all the profile settings you will need.

Why doesn't 925 like to share screenshots?

Sharing screenshots of success can paint the wrong picture. Establishing some false expectations. The expectations I want are that people are going to come in and sound advice each and every week that will give them step up on the field each and every week.

Is 925 your full time job?

925 is a full time job of mine, but it is not my only full time job. Eventually it will be, and that will be thanks to a lot of hard work, and a lot of support from all of you.

Are "Core Plays" Cash Plays, and Outright Bets in golf?

Yes, typically speaking a "Core Play" is the best play or plays available for that slate. Being on those players will give you an edge of the field.

How is the membership so cheap?

Everything is done in house, and because of that I am able to keep the prices lower for a membership. That being said the price is priced cheaper for you, not for 925's benefit.

Why do people struggle in fantasy sports?

People struggle because they have the wrong expectations or the wrong goals. Set proper expectations and proper goals, and you will see yourself succeed more frequently.

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