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Buffalo Bills Fantasy Football Outlook

Updated: Nov 6, 2019


· Josh Allen: We were able to confirm a few things about Josh Allen last year, two good things and 1 bad thing. We will start with the good. He has incredible scrambling ability, and can also let the ball fly deep. The bad thing is that he is a bad QB. He is not an accurate thrower, and makes some horrible decision. He also was throwing to one of the history worst WR cores ever so we will give him a slight pass. Allen is literally a Poor man’s Cam Newton. But the great thing about Josh Allen is that he should be a waiver wire piece for most of the year, and we will know when to start him, so in 2019 he will make for a great streaming QB whenever the matchup is correct, but there will be more reliable options week to week.

Running Back

· Lesean McCoy, Frank Gore, T.J. Yeldon, and Devin Singletary: Common sense will tell us to avoid these RBs as we should, it is going to be tough to predict what to do here. Training camp might give us a clearer message but for now this is a stay away. The thought is that LeSean McCoy will be the lead back at the start of the year, Frank Gore spelling him where needed, and Yeldon will be the passing down back. Devin Singletary will be the RB to own as the season goes on. As of right now none of these players should be on your fantasy radar and they should be best used as waiver wire pickups throughout the year. The RB that I would bet on right now however would be T.J. Yeldon. He seems like he will have a clear role no matter what.

Wide Receiver

· John Brown: John Brown is probably the biggest name of the WR group, and he is a great fit for this offense. We saw him hold fantasy value last year while Joe Flacco was the QB in Baltimore, but Brown fell out of favor because of Lamar Jackson’s inability to throw an accurate pass beyond 10 yards. Now Brown gets Josh Allen who all he can do is air it out. I think Brown will hold value, but he will be a certain hit or miss each week.

· Robert Foster: The last 4 games of the year Foster averaged 6.3 targets, 4.6 REC, and 72 yards. Foster had 4 games over10.4 fantasy points, and had 3 games where he had over 100 yards WR. If an injury happens to JB I would not be surprised if Foster breaks out this year.

· Cole Beasley: Just not sure where Beasley fits in with this team, not sure I see my self drafting him. I think he will be the same fantasy asset he has been his whole career, a few blow up weeks that make you think about picking him up, but you will know better.

· Isaiah Mckenzie: Mckenzie was a surprising cut for the Broncos, and he is an explosive player. He is a small little gadget player that can make people miss. In today’s NFL he is the type of player that you want to try to get the ball to. The Bills did just this last year, feeding him reverses/end arounds, and quick passes. He is a great route runner as well. Do not be surprised if Mckenzie is the best Fantasy WR for the Bills.

Tight End

· Lee Smith, Tyler Kroft, Jason Croom, and Dawson Knox: Lee Smith will be the starting TE, but he will not be used in the receiving game. Smith is one of if not thee best blocking Tight Ends in the game so he will will get playing time. Tyler Kroft would be the fantasy asset, but he is already injured (again). Jason Croom was Tight End who produced impressive film last year. He will be my bet to be a fantasy asset. Dawson Knox is a third round rookie who has impressed early, but he looks bad on film thus far. Expect Jason Croom to make the leap, and maybe even become a top 10 TE this year.

Players to watch: Josh Allen, Isaiah Mckenzie, and Jason Croom.

SUMMARY: Not sure that the Bills will have any real fantasy football assets besides a few weekly streams. Josh Allen will be a player to watch, and play when the matchup is right. The RB situation is one that you should stay away from until we get more information, and/or until someone gets cut. I believe that 3 WR’s could hold value this fantasy football season with John Brown being the only one you could draft. Robert Foster, and Isaiah Mckenzie could be nice deep sleepers this year. Tight End Jason Croom is the only one I would take a dart throw on. The Defense could hold match up based value.


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