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NBA DFS: 12/21/2019

This is a free sample of the write up that 925 Sports does for each NBA DFS Slate we play during the season. We will typically play 4 times a week on average. Just playing the slates where we can find an edge in pricing. The write up below will be the main plays that we are going after on the slate.

The lineup in this write up, and the information below is subject to change. The lineup posted should be used as a tool to guide your lineup preferences. The lineup posted will most likely be changed before lineup lock and maybe after lineup lock as the news comes in.

The players posted below are the players that are most likely to hit or exceed their price point value.

Point Guard:

  • Ricky Rubio - $7,200: Rubio has had only two duds in the past 10 games the rest have been over 35 DK points. With most finishing with 40 or more DK points. In 3 of his last 4 games he has finished with 41 or more points. The only thing that could hurt his performance would be an early blowout which could easily happen today against the Rockets. Still I like the consistency from Rubio especially at this price point.

  • De'Aaron Fox - $6,6000: Fox has played in two games since returning from injury. The first game back he saw 30 minutes which lead to 38 DK points, last night he only played 24 minutes, and had 28 DK points. This was a result of them having a back to back, and also not having to give him more minutes as the game starting to get out of hand. I think he will be closer to 28 minutes tonight which should mean that he can get to 35 DK points tonight.

Other PG Plays I Really Like: Dejounte Murray, and Tomas Saturansky both have seen there minutes go up recently which has them scoring 30 DK points consistently. Solid price point for both. Both plays have less upside than Fox though. Russell Westbrook also went for 70 DK points last time they faced the Suns. Sure he won't get that again but I do see 50 + DK points tonight.

Shooting Guard:

  • Bradley Beal - $8,600: Now I get why Beal is priced down today, the game shouldn't stay close thus he shouldn't hit 50 DK points. But now that his is at this price point he makes for a great play. Even in the first game against the Sixers Beal went for 44 DK points. So at the very least he should be able to get to around 40 DK points tonight, which would still make him a fine play even if he doesn't hit his season average of 47 DK points.

Small Forward:

  • Kawhi Leonard - $8,500: Kawhi priced down against his former team in their stadium. Sign me up! Sure Kawhi has lacked elite upside, but with that he has had extreme consistency. In games that have stayed closed he is averaging 44 DK points. The last game against the Spurs stayed somewhat close and he scored 42 DK points.

Power Forward:

  • LMA - $7,400: Love the price of LMA tonight. Seems like he is simply too cheap. He should be a lock to hit value tonight, and I really like his chance to go for 40 + DK points tonight. Last time out against the Clippers LMA scored 47 DK points. In his most recent games he has scored 46, and 48 DK points. He makes for a strong play tonight.

  • Dario Saric - $5,000: Another price point play on this slate. Saric seems too cheap. This is a game that yes could blow out, but also its a game that should go small. I think Saric will get around 30 minutes tonight. He should be able to hit his season average of 27 DK points tonight.


  • Andre Drummond - $10,300: Drummond and the Piston's getting blown out last night really destroyed a few good GPP lineups I had going last night. Then he gets a price bump tonight. As he should though, this is an elite match up and he could and should score close to 60 DK points tonight. If I were paying up this much I'd rather play Westbrook tonight though.

  • Hassan Whiteside - $8,400: Whiteside is in a great spot tonight with or without Towns going for the Timberwolves. Whiteside is only averaging 47 DK points in his last 5 games. He will be the Center that I target the most tonight.

  • J Valanciunas - $6,500: Val has went for 40 DK points in 3 straight games, and his price really hasn't risen at all. He makes for a great salary relief play tonight at center or in the flex spot, especially in GPPs.


Value Plays:

  • Shabazz Napier: Recent spike in minutes, don't expect anything big but he could go out and score 20 DK points tonight.

  • Pat Connaughton: The real playoff P should see a slight bump in minutes with Wes Matthews looking like he will sit. I think he will see slightly more than 20 minutes which should result in around 18 DK points. At his price point tonight that if fine. He went for 18 DK points in his last time out against the Knicks.

  • Cameron Johnson: Cheap play that could go for 25 DK points.

  • Danuel House Jr: Seems too cheap for a player getting that many minutes in this offense. He had 30 minutes and 17 DK points in the first match up against PHO.

  • Noah Vonleh: This is an elite value play if Towns is ruled out tonight. He should get around 20 minutes which would be around 20 DK points. Dieng is also a fine play if Towns is out.

Core Plays: LMA , Whiteside, Westbrook,

If/Then Statements:

If the Sixers / Washington game stays close Iam Mahinmi will get a lot of minutes.

Can't Ignore Production:

Ish Smith: Minutes continue to be there, production is matching the minutes. Not a lock and load play but still solid.

PJ Tucker: Tucker has been slightly hit or miss which keeps his salary down by he always has a good chance to go for 30 DK points. He has 5 times in his last 10 games.

Bobby Portis: Went for 51 DK points in his last game. He should get around 20 minutes tonight. He could have another big night tonight as MKE struggles against PF's.



*This is a sample lineup. Lineup will change before lock. Use this as a tool to assist in your lineup build process.

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