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This wildcard weekend is going to be a slate that I attack mostly in the Showdown and I think I will either to a separate write up or a video covering the showdown slates.

Slate Confidence Rating: Red - Yellow


· Patrick Mahomes - $7,500: I just do not see myself paying $900 extra to get Jackson when I can get Mahomes in a better matchup that he has already put 20DK points up against. Now the flip side of that is why not just play Watson he also went off in this matchup and is $800 cheaper than Mahomes. That is a very good point, and I think we should do that in builds. But if we are talking safety, we are talking Mahomes. He will score 20 DK points in this matchup and could score 30. The same can be said for Watson, I just think it is more likely that Mahomes goes off.

· Aaron Rodgers - $6,500 (Mid Exposure Play): Same situation above where both QBs in this game could have a big game, but I like Rodgers the most! He really had a bad game against DET in week 7 and still put up 23 DK points. Now before that, he had struggled as well. But this was mostly due to the game plan. I feel like the Rodgers, Adams, and Graham stack is going to be low owned, and high scoring! He will throw the ball at least 30 times in this one, and it will just be a matter of if players (Graham) can catch the passes.