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NFL DFS: Full Slate Breakdown - Week 2

Game By Game Breakdown - DFS - Betting

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Chargers vs Chiefs - Thursday Night:


Chargers +4

Game Preview:

We have two of the most impressive teams from last week, the Chiefs dominated the Cards, and the Chargers dominated the Raiders. This has a chance to be one of the best TNF games that we will get all year. Last week the Chargers pass rush was a big factor in the game. Bose had 1.5 sacks and Mack had 3 sacks. Overall they hit Derek Carr 9 times this played a role into why Carr had 3 INTs. If the Chargers are able to get pressure on Mahomes like they did Carr, we could see Mahomes have a normal QB game of around 20 DK points. Bryce Callahan had one of the INTs, he is one of the better slot corners in the league, and he was in position to get another INT but a different defender snatched it away from him. If Calahan has another good game we could see slot WR Juju struggle.

On the flip side a fun matchup to watch would be Darwin Jones shadowing Travis Kelce a little bit. I really don't see that being a big issue though. CEH could be a big part in this game. He looked good last week, and Jacobs had a good job getting chunk yards against the Chargers.

A big thing that we will be watching for is if Keenan Allen is going to play. If he sits both Mike Williams and Josh Palmer are two plays that we are going out of our way to play. Sure they "struggled" last week but that is what happens in this offense they spread the love, but the talent tends to get more of the love.

A strange thing that happened for the Chargers last week is that Ekeler only played in 49% of the snaps with Josh Kelley and Sony Michel getting around 25% each. Something to monitor in this game.

McKinnon or CEH? CEH was the one with the big game and looked good but both RBs played the same amount of snaps and McKinnon had a solid day. He is someone on this slate could hit value at this price point of $2,600.

Top Plays:

MVS + Mecole Hardman:

I worry that Juju could get "shutdown" by Calllahan in this game, and for a showdown slate you have to make some bold calls and true to find value. If this does happen that means Hardman and MVS should be inline for good games. MVS actually played the most snaps out of any FLEX player for the Chiefs at 73%. He is sort of their #1 in that sense. I like that snap counts and I like the price point. Hardman had 6 targets while playing in 56% of the snaps. I think if Juju struggles he will be the one to target.

Mahomes ($11,800), and Justin Herbert ($11,200)

Mahomes has a matchup against the Chargers who looked very good last week, and Justin Herbert is playing in a game without his top WR. Both do have question marks because of that but both are plays that I believe will smash this week. Mahomes just dominated the Cards last week with his new weapons, and I see him having another good game in this one. Herbert should also be able to compete with what Mahomes is scoring in this game. Even without Keenan he still has Mike Williams, Austin Ekeler, and Josh Palmer to throw the ball to. I think both get to 20 DK points in this one.

Josh Palmer ($5,000) + Mike Williams ($9,000):

In a game that is most likely going to be a shoot out you need to be targeting pass catchers on both teams, due to Keean's injury we can afford both Mike Williams and Josh Palmer very easily. Palmer is so cheap that I think we can play him in the captain spot. Now no player saw more than 4 targets last week, I fully expect this to change this week. Williams played 93% of the snaps, and Josh Palmer played 75% of the snaps. They should both be fine.

Panthers vs Giants:


Giants -2

Game Preview:

The Giants lucked into a strange victory, if it wasn't for Saquan Barkley absolutely dominating they would not have won. The Giants limited their 2nd best offensive weapon to under 5% of the offensive snaps (Toney). Now this week they get the Panthers who just gave up 217 rushing yards and 2 TDs to the Browns last week so Saquan should be able to feast once again.

The Panthers pass D was good, but also Brissett did not look good. Last week the Giants allowed 5 sacks and 8 QB hits (throw 21 times). Meaning that Daniel Jones will most likely struggle in this game.

Baker really struggled somewhat as expected, he sucks in "motivated" games in the NFL so you could just write that off. Tannehill played extremely well against the Giants last week, so that would suggest that Baker could do well, but I personally do not think Baker is a good QB I will be fading him.

The Giants really sold out to stop Henry in the running game, so unless the Panthers get CMC involved in the passing game more there is potential that he could struggle.

Top Plays:

Saquan Barkley - $7,300 - Core Play:

Safe to say that Saquan looked like his old self last week, an the Giants treated him that way. Saquon had the highest snap % out of any RB last week, and had an opportunity on 50% of those snaps. (compared to CMC who played in 81% of the offensive snaps only having 35% OPR per snap). Barkley was treated like a work horse, and now he is going up against a defense that was terrible against the run last week. He should be able to dominate. At this price point he is just way too cheap.

Panthers D:

If the Panthers stick to their same game plan from last week they should be fine. Stop the run, and like a terrible QB try to beat you. If they do this they should win thus their D is a fine play.

Kadarius Toney - $4,200 - Low Exposure:

Toney is their second-best offensive player, and I think that was proven by him playing 7 total snaps, getting two touches and getting 23 total yards. Not sure why the Giants thought it was a good idea not to play their best WR, maybe he sucks at blocking. That about my only guess. Still if he plays around 65% of the snaps this week he is too cheap.

Jets vs Browns



Game Preview:

Last week Joe Flacco was terrible for the Jets, could only see 15 yards downfield, which lead to a lot of short routes to both RBs, and to Braxton Berrios. A surprising thing was that Michael Carter and Breece Hall were on the field together a decent amount. Both of the Rbs looked really good, and if Carter continues to looked this good it is tough to see the Jets forcing Hall into the game alone by himself. Berrios, Moore, and Davis are all so cheap that you could play anyone of them if you wanted to.

The Jets D did a great job of stopping the run which if they do that again in this game could mean trouble for the Browns. It was tough to see if Drake and Davis were just terrible for the Ravens last week or if the Jet D was just that good. (21 runs for only 3 yards per carry)

The problem with this game is that the defenses both looked really good, and and the strengths of both team was on the ground with both QBs looking terrible. This game seems most likely like a stay away unless you want to play one of the defenses.

Michael Carter - $5,200 - Mid Exposure:

Michael Carter had a dropped TD late in the 4th quarter which all be it was a bad pass for a 5 yard throw, but he easily needs to make the catch. Besides that Carter balled out rushing the ball 10 times for 60 yards, and getting 9 targets for 7 REC and 40 yards. As long as Flacco is in at QB that should continue. The man did not look down field at all.

Tyler Conklin:

Tyler Conklin was on the field a lot, playing in 92 % of the Jets snaps. Getting 7 total targets 4 REC on only 14 yards. He did manage a TD. But if we can get a solid TE play at 3.4 we just need to make that play.

Elijah Moore - $5,000 - Mid Exposure:

Moore had a modest game, but I liked that when the Jets need a first late in the game whether on fourth or third down they looked his way. On one of the 4th down plays Moore had a TD catch, that was called OPI. He did push off but the only reason it was called was that the defender had his leg planted and ended up hurting his leg on the play. (Fell down made it seem like a penalty). He had 7 targets and scored 9.9 DK points. The biggest problem is that Garrett Wilson and Braxton Berrios looked good.

Patriots vs Steelers



Game Preview:

This game could be ugly, as both QBs did not look good last week, and the run game was not that much better. Seemed like both olines sucked. Both defenses played pretty well as well. Could be a game to bet the under.

I think the biggest surprise from this game was that the Steelers had no room to run, and I believe that is more on the online rather than the Bengals D. The encouraging thing is that Harris was tough to take down If Mitchell Trubisky was better Dionte Johnson was have had a massive game. He still had 12 targets for 12.5 DK points.

Harris went down awkwardly late in the 4th quarter, and we have to see if he is going to play if he sits Jaylen Warren would be the replacement. Although the Pats did a good job at stopping the run.

DeVante Parker played a lot in this game but was hardly used, if he continues to get that playing time, and if the Pats can get it into the Redzone he should be much better this season. Jakobi Meyers had an elite sideline catch in this game. He had 6 targets, and really looked like their best offensive player.

Both Harris and Stevenson looked solid in this game, and the biggest take away for is that Harris was used in the passing game. He was also the better RB in this game. I know people love them some Stevenson but for not Harris is the RB1 in this offense.

Mac Jones didn't looked good in this game, and part of that was due to him not having time. The Phins D was flying.

Dionte Johnson - $5,800 - High Exposure:

Last year my rule was to play Diontae Johnson until he was priced correctly, and after 12 targets last week he saw a price decrease, so yes I will be playing Johnson again this week. he is just too cheap for the amount of targets that he is going to get. He also made what might be the catch of the year last week which was just an awesome play to note. Chase Claypool had 12 total OPR in this game and is only priced at $4,700 against the Patriots. This just seems way too cheap.

Steelers D:

Even with Watt OUT I still think this D is going to do a great job. The Pats o line did not look good so I think the Steelers will still get pressure on Mac Jones. Mac Jones himself missed a lot of short check downs. He did not look good. He did have back spasms in this game so that could be why he sucked.

Ravens vs Phins


Phins +3.5

Game Preview:

The Dolphins did look good last week both on offense and on defense. But it was truly the defense that won them this game getting a ton of pressure on Mac Jones.

Baltimore's D was without Marcus Peters last week, and Kyle Fuller got injured for better offenses that are not led by Joe Flacco that should be a spot to attack the Ravens.

The matchup of the game is Marlon Humphrey vs Tyreek Hill. This should be a matchup that Hill wins though. Raheem Mostert did look better inn the running game, and Chase Edmonds was pretty impressive in the passing game. I expect Mostert to get more work in this one, and Edmonds to get a decent amount of dump offs.

Tyreek Hill - $7,100 - High Exposure:

Hill was expected to have the offense run through him, and that is exactly what happen. I think that will happen again throughout the whole season. The Ravens last week were more than happy to let 2/3 yard routes be completed, and that was a lot of Hills receptions last week. He had 12 targets for 18 DK points.

Mark Andrews - $6,400 - High Exposure:

Andrews had 7 targets for 5 REC and 52 yards. He is the focal point of this offense (besides Lamar Jackson). He is going to have a massive game sometime soon, and I believe that it will be this game. He did play the most out of any Baltimore Skills player.



Colts -6 is what I would bet.

Game Preview:

Christian Kirk was very impressive in this game as well as James Robinson, and Zay Jones. The problem is that Trevor Lawrence was not good in this game. It started with an opening drive in which for NFL standards he missed two wide-open WRs for a TD. Later he missed Marvin Jones on a play that if he just puts it on him is a big 50-yard or TD play. The three offensive weapons and even Travis Etienne will depend on if Lawrence can play better.

The Colts were just in a classic slow start in the first half of the first game and figure it out in the second half. Both Pitman and JT were studs in this game. It is expected that Alec Pierce will make a bigger impact as the season goes on.

This game is a sneak game stacking game, lots of value, and a lot of quality plays.

Last week Colts D allowed Davis Mills to throw 2 TD for a passer rating of 98.9

Christian Kirk:

Kirk was a big toe stepping out of bounce as he dove for the endzone away from a TD which would have capped off a great game. He had 12 targets for 117 yards and 6 REC. Scoring 20 DK points in week one. I think those targets are going to be the norm for Kirk, and as a result, at this price point he is too cheap. he should have a good game once again this week.

Zay Jones - $4,300 - Mid Exposure:

9 targets 6 REC, 65 yards. while playing 81% of the offensive snaps is simply too cheap of a price point. He was a focal point in the offensive approach for the Jags in week 1, and I do not see that going away with their offensive scheme. 3 WRs saw 80% of the snaps, so anyone of them could be in play but Zay is the cheapest of the 3.

JT - $9,900 - Core Play:

The WAS O is just different than how the Colts O operates, but Antonio Gibson was able to have a good game, and I see no reason why the Jags D would cause any kind of resistance for JT. He should be able to have another massive game against the Jags.

Ashton Dulin - $3,200 - Value:

Alec Pierce is in the concussion protocol if he sits that would likely mean Ashton Dulin would be the WR3 in this offense for this team. The way the Commanders were able to beat up the Jags with Curtis Samuel could lead to the WR #3 getting some manufactured touches. Dulin had 2 plays like that last week. Overall he had 6 targets for 3 REC and 46 yards. Dulin nearly had a TD in this game as well in this game.

BUCS vs Saints


Saints +2.5

Game Preview:

The Saints WRs sure looked the part, Jarvis Landry had a lot of juice left in his legs. MIchael Thomas made two nice back shoulder catchers, and Winston did not make many mistakes. Alvin Kamara looked great just did not see the ball come his way too much. That will most likely change in this one.

Leonard Fournette carried the Bucs last week, and the Saints gave up a total of 201 rushing yards on 38 carries total (70 to Mariota). This looks like it will be the matchup that is the make or break point in this game.

All of the Bucs WRs are currently Questionable so this will be something that we need to monitor if any of them sit just fill in with the others. The Saints did play the pass very well though so it might just be Fournette as the player you're looking at in this game. The Bucs also lost a starting lineman which could lead to them leaning on the run even more.

Bradley Roby is the one CB to pick on gave up 7 REC for 70 yards.

Jarvis Landry + Michael Thomas:

Jarvis Landry will most likely get the easier of the two matchups as Thomas will get Carlton Davis who was very impressive in week 1. Landry also was the best of the 2 WRs last week. He was Winston's safety valve.

Leonard Fournette - $6,700 - Core Play:

Fournette played in 76 % of the offensive snaps getting on OPR in 49% of those. He dominated in that game, and is going up against a team that just gave up 200 total rushing yards. Getting 23 total touches for 137 yards total scoring 18.7 DK points without scoring a TD is impressive. I think that he will be able to dominate in this one and is someone you want to go out of your way to play.

Commanders vs Lions


WAS +1.5

Bet Over

Game Preview:

For a majority of the game the Commanders dominated their game against the Jags, but let the Jags sneak back into it. Which is exactly what the Lions did last week against the Eagles. If both teams play their "A" game then the Commanders will win this one. But home field advantage could prove to be the difference maker in this one.

Antonio Gibson was very impressive in the passing game for the Commanders. Curtist Samuel was the "focal" point in this offense which was a little bit strange to see. Dotson was making some great catches in this game including his 2nd TD of the game. Carson Wentz played a great game minus 3 plays. (which lead to the Jags getting back into this game)

The Lions were fun because the players you thought would do well did well. Hock hit value, Swift dominated, and Chark, and St Brown both did well enough.

The Lions D did play well in the secondary include Jeff Okudah who had 10 tackles and only allowed a QB rating of 58.3.

This should be a very easy game to stack.

Carson Wentz - $5,800 - High Exposure:

In a game that is easy to stack Wentz makes a lot of sense. He looked very impressive in this game. Throwing the ball 41 times for 313 yards and 4 TDs. Overall scoring 32.72 DK points. The thing with Wentz is that a lot of the big play throws he had to make were pretty well covered, just he made the correct throw, and perfect throw. He could easily score 20 DK points again in this one.

Curtis Samuel - $4,600 - High Exposure:

None of the Commanders beat reports were at all shocked by Samuel being the focal point in this offense. Which is something that I missed. Although I did say to play Dotson who scored two tds. Samuel had 15 total OPR in this game. 11 targets and 4 rushing attempts. He had 73 yards total and 8 REC and a TD for 20 DK points. At this price point he is someone that we should not ignore.

Antonio Gibson - $6,200 - Mid Exposure:

I do think that Gibson is priced a little bit to high to be too gun ho about, but he did look good last week, and he was involved in the passing game. He scored 20 DK points last week and a lot of that was due to get 8 targets. He has a matchup against the Lions who just gave up 216 rushing yards for 5.5 ypc and 4 TDs. Could easily include him in a game stack.

D'Andre Swift - $7,00 - High Exposure:

Swift has now sat out two practices in a row which all but tells us why Jamaal Williams is going to continue to get the short-yardage work, and why he won't be a work-horse RB. If he plays in this game he should have a strong game. The Commanders were torn up by James Robinson and Travis Etienne last week. Robinson had two TDs, and Etienne could have easily had two in the passing game as well. Swift should feast. If he sits Jamaal Williams is a lock.

DJ Chark - $5,100 - Mid Exposure:

Chark looked good in this game, and played in over 80% of the snaps. He had 8 targets in this game and was able to score a TD for 15 DK points. He is a solid play if you're looking to stack this game.

I do really like St. Brown in this game as well for a game stack. He played in 88% of the offensive snaps getting 12 targets for 20.4 DK points.

Seahawks vs 49ers


SEA +8.5

Game Preview:

George Kittle could sit once again this week, and the game is looking like it could be rainy. That somewhat leads me to believe that the Seahawks at +8.5 should be able to cover. This is a bet that I would make right now and cash out if the situation changes.

You have the Seahawks who were clearly outplayed but got the win going against the Niners who probably should have won as well. If Kittle sits this week once again I think that shifts the betting edge toward the Seahawks.

The Niners will be without Eli Mitchell which means Jeff Wilson Jr will get the start at RB, but that also means that Deebo Samuel getting used as an RB will still be there as well.

Rashaad Penny and DK Metcalf had great games last week, and will most likely continue that this week, but Kenneth Walker is expected to be back this week so that culd hinder Penny's appeal slightly.

Trey Lance - $5,700 - High Exposure:

If the weather does hold up and not be bad I think that Trey Lance is going to have a great game, especially on the ground. He had 13 rushing attempts for 54 yards. The problem was that he only threw the ball 28 times for 164 yards. IN that game last week that was impressive to me. People are saying Lance did bad, I saw it differently I saw a guy that as the game went on and the weather conditions got to him he started to struggle. No field is as bad as CHIs he should be fine.

Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk:

Deebo should be a safe play in this game. The Seahawks could not really stop anyone in the passing game. That should also help Brandon Aiyuk especially if the weather is good enough. Aiyuk will get around 7 targets in this game if that is the case. Both should be strong plays, and both could be players you use in a stack.

Falcons vs Rams


- Falcons +10

- Over 46.5

Game Preview:

The Falcons were dominant for 3 in a half quarters of last weeks game, and then they were not. They truly let that game get away from them. The encouraging side of it is that Patterson, Mariota and London all were very impressive in this game. And the Defense was good for a majority of the game. The bad thing for the Falcons is that they did lose, and they are facing a Rams team in an ideal "Get Right Spot". Still I think the Falcons will hold their own against the Rams, and this game will be close with the Rams winning but not covering the spread.

This is a game you could stack, and I think it will be a high-scoring game.

The Bills did not blitz the Rams once but Stafford was sacked 7 times and pressured on 15 attempts. Last week the Falcons had 4 sacks and 8 QB hits.

Cooper Kupp - $9,900 - Core Play:

Kupp should be able to dominate in this game like he did last week against one of the best defenses in the league. Now he gets the Falcons who looked good for most of the game, and then got torched by Michael Thomas, and Jarvis Landry. The way Landry was able to get open is highly encouraging by anyone rostering Kupp this week.

Tyler Higbee - $4,200 High Exposure:

Michael Thomas had two back shoulder TDs, I see the Rams watching that film and wanting to get a fade or two to a player in this game, now that could easily be Allen Robinson as that is basically his specialty by I do like Higbee to get a target this way as well. Last week Higbee had 11 targets and scored 8.9 DK points. He gets a much better matchup this week, and at this price point he is someone you should be considering. He did play the same amount of snaps as all of the starters as well.

Ben Skowronek - $3,300 - Value Play:

Showronek is most likely going to be a solid value play this week, if Van Jefferson sits again. He is clearly someone that they like. He played in 58% of the offensive snaps (Stafford played in 67%), and he was targeted 6 times scoring 6.5 DK points. He could be a play that gets 10 DK points at a cheap price tag.

Matthew Stafford - $6,300 - Core Play:

Stafford is going against a Falcons D that just gave up 20 DK points to Winston. He still threw the ball 41 times last week and still had a TD. It was a game in which he was rusty, but I just do not see that happening again this week.

Marcus Mariota, Cordelle Patterson, and Drake London:

My problem with all of these plays is that we get slightly better plays at the same price points as them. But they all looked good, and could be in play for one that is trying to stack this game. Mariota was very impressive, and he is going up against a team that just gave up a lot of QB rushing yards. Patterson was highly impressive and was treated as a work horse RB. The Rams did not really stop the run last week so he could be in for a huge game. Drake London was just impressive to me, and would be in play for a game stack.

Cards vs Raiders


Cards +5.5

Game Preview:

Both teams were disappointing, and both teams did not score as much as you would have thought they would have. Both teams are in a correction spot. Derek Carr was 5 passing yards away from having a solid DFS week, and that is something we can take advantage of as he is very cheap this week. Kyler Murray struggled but still scored 20 DK points.

DeVante Adams - $8,600 - Core Play:

Of the Core Plays like JT, and Kupp, Adams is the easiest one to play because of his price point. He should be able to dominate in this game as well. He had a massive 17 targets 10 REC, 141 yards and 1 TD. He is going up against the Cards who were just torched by the Chiefs in the passing game. Adams should be in for another strong game.

Derek Carr $6,200 - High Exposure:

Carr was picked up 3 times, and had 2 fumbles but he did throw two tds, and was 5 yards away from the 300 yards passing bonus. The Chargers D was really impressive last week, and this should be an easier matchup for Carr. He should be able to get to 20 DK points this week if not more.

Marquise Brown and Greg Dortch - High Exposure:

Two of my favorite plays are Brown and Dortch. They both played the most snaps of any skills player on the Cards. Brown only had 6 targets but was able to score a TD. I think a massive game could happen for him here that is why I like him. Greg Dortch was targeted heavily. 9 times for 7 rec and 63 yards scoring 13.3 DK points. Not really a fluke or unexpected for anyone that followed the preseason. Dortch was a stud, and that continued last week with Moore out. He is expected to sit again this week so Dortch should be a great play again this week.

Texans vs Broncos



Game Preview:

A lot of people last week were surprised that Rex Burkhead got a workhorse workload, and I would say it wasn't, rather the way it came. The Texans were leading for this game, thus the passing down back Burkhead should not have played that much. He did look good though, and so did Pierce. You can tell that Burk is more complete RB but Pierce is a better runner.

This will be something interesting to monitor this week.

The Broncos gave away the game last week, the good thing is that Sutton, Jeudy, Javonte, Melvin and Russ all looked great. The annoying thing for fantasy / dfs players is that Melvin looked great. That caps Javonte's role. It is what it is and you just have to deal with it.

Russell Wilson and Cortland Sutton:

Last week the Texans struggled on D as expected, and I see Wilson just feasting in this game. So if I love Wilson then I have to love his WR 1 in Courtland Sutton who also was very impressive in this game. With too many targets going to RBs last week I think that Sutton could see even more than the 7 targets he saw last week.

Bengals vs Cowboys


Under 41.5

Game Preview:

The Cowboys will looked to establish the run this game with backup QB Cooper Rush getting the start. In terms of backup QBs Rush is in the middle of the pack, so he is not terrible but not good. He could have a similar game to the one Mitchell Trubisky just had against the Bengals. The Bengals D was pretty impressive last week, and they are a D that should dominate this week in DFS, especially at their price point. That is why I think the under will be great this week.

Bengals D + Joes Mixon:

Bengals D basically played a full overtime game and still scored 2 DK points. They are not going against a backup QB, and a team that does not have their second-best WR. They should be able to score DK points and at this price point, I like that a lot. I think that Mixon will also get a lot of work in this game with a positive game script.

Packers vs Bears


Bears +9.5

Game Preview:

I fully expect the Packers to win this game, and I fully expect them to dominate in this game, but I do think that the Bears will sneak their way into covering this game.

The Packers didn't play that poorly, the plays were there for them, and they did not make them. Dillion getting stuffed on the goal-line, and Watson dropped an easy TD. Those were two plays that basically every week will get made. But in the first week of actual live reps just did not get made. I would say that was the biggest issue with the defense as well.

The Bears snuck their way into a victory last week and that was because of the weather. Tough to take anything out of that game for the Bears expect for the fact that the Bears D was impressive as expected.

AJ Dillion - $5,800 - Mid Exposure:

There were moments where the Bears got beat via the run, but the stats will not say that. Dillion only played 31 snaps last week to Jones 37. Dillion had 15 total touches in this game as as able to score 20 DK points. He should be the same price as Jones and until he is he is too cheap.

Christian Watson - $3,600 - Mid Exposure:

Wow Watson is priced at $3,600!!! Let's GO!!!! This is a great spot to take advantage of poor pricing especially if Lazard sits this week. If he does not Watson should still be a good play. We all know that he did drop a would be TD, but he did burn TF out of Patrick Peterson on that play and still had 41 yards total. Add on that catch and he is not that cheap, add on that catch and we are talking about Watson and that game completely. Remember last year when Jamar Chase was dropping a lot of passes in camp and in preseason games? Well this was Watson's first live reps in the NFL and he looked good considering that. I was impressed with Watson and expect him to be their WR #1 eventually this season. He played the second most WR snaps at 40 total. (Watkins 41).

Darnell Mooney - $5,400 - Mid Exposure:

Mooney was not involved last week, just think that was the weather once again. As a result, he was priced down. Mooney is a WR that can get open easily. He was targeted heavily a lot last year and he is someone that should get targeted a lot this year. Given that the Packers did not shadow a WR last week that should help Mooney this week.

Titans vs Bills


Over -110

Game Preview:

It should be pretty obvious that you want to play the Bills starters this week against the Titans. Diggs, Davis, Allen, and Singletary are firmly in play this week. Play them.

On the flip side the one play that I like a lot is Kyle Phillips who was expected to have a role on this team. He did just that in week 1 with 9 targets for 6 REC and 66 yards scoring 11.6 DK points. Now he only played 31 out of 65 snaps but did play more snaps than Burks. In a negative game script this should mean that Phillips will be on the field more this week.

Vikings vs Eagles



Game Preview:



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