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NFL Preseason DFS: Week 2 - Friday 8/19/2022 - Slate 2022 Preview + Core/Captain Plays

Highlighting the top picks for the Preseason NFL DFS Week 2. Going over the top Showdown and DFS picks as well as highlighting some bets! If you enjoy this coverage make sure to show the youtube video listed below some love or if you're coming for twitter please like the tweet.


Friday Slate:

Due to the number of games associated with this slate we will go game by game highlighting the top picks from each position rather than breaking down some picks that could work out. (Bigger slate = more options)

Chiefs: They will be playing their starters a lot makes it tough to know which ones to be on. With not many injuries they are a tough team to nail down playing time.


Bailey Zappe (Patriots) - MId Exposure:

Zappe threw the ball over 30 times in the first week of the preseason, and although I expect Hoyer and Jones to get some live reps, I also think that Zappe will still be the QB that gets the most playing time. He would be a play that I would want to target on this slate.

Jordan Love (Packers) Core Play:

Jordan Love is most likely going to play a full half of football in this game like he did in the preseason last year. That will also mean that we will most likely get Danny Etling getting a half of football which to me is also appealing. Love had a TD in this game and 2 INTs that were the WRs' fault. One of those INTs came in the redzone, and if it is caught you never know that could have easily have been a TD for Love instead of a pick.

Kyle Allen (HOU) Core Play:

Currently, the best QB on the Texans roster Kyle Allen will be the backup behind the 2nd year QB Davis MIlls so that HOU can either take for a better QB or so that Mills can develop into no doubt starting QB. Mills will most likely get a full quarter of play, and then it will most likey be the Kyle Allen show for the rest of the game. With Jeff Driskel test out his talents at the TE spot, and being forced to play basically the full game last week it makes sense for Driskel to get reps at TE, and let Kyle Allen work.

John Wolford, and Bryce Perkins (LAR) High Exposure Plays:

Both QBs are going to play about a half of football in this game, which means that they are both firmly in play. I think that Wolford has a great chance to score a TD in this one but it is Bryce Perkins who I really like. Perkins has gotten points done with his leg this preseason and last preseason. He has looked great doing so as well.

Running back:

Spencer Brown (Carolina) Mid Exposure:

Brown had 10 rushing attempts in last week's game, and right now I see no reason as to why that would change. In those rushing attempts he looked really good, at times making something out of nothing. He might be someone to monitor as a potential CMC handcuff (waiver wire pick up). Not a lock play on this slate but someone who it would not be surprising to have a good game.

Pierre Strong (Patriots) Low Exposure:

Strong looked good enough to me last week, we know the Patriots do not really want to have to throw the ball a lot in the preseason but that is what the game demanded. I think Strong will get around 8 carries in this one. I could also see RB JJ Taylor get a little bit more work in this game.

Tony Jones JR (NO) + Other RBs Low Exposure:

4 RBs ended up getting 7+ carries with the team running the ball over 30+ times in this game. I think that it makes the most sense to get Tony Jones Jr some more work in this game and that is why I like him the most but Abram Smith could easily get some work in this game as well.

Tyler Goodson (Packers) Core Play:

The Packers RBs that were expected to be great plays last week were Tyler Goodson and BJ Baylor, and they both ended up being good plays for DFS. Baylor however showed that he was limited as a player and was cut. Tyler Goodson on the other hand looked really good, and heck if he was on a team like Miami I could see people hyping him up as a sleeper. He had 14 touches for 61 yards.

Jake Funk (LAR) High Exposure :

Last week I did like Funk a little bit but he only ended up with 7 total touches, and there wasn't a lot of room for him to work. In this game he should see a little bit more playing time, and hopefully a little bit more room to run. He will be the first RB then Calais is another name to watch.

Wide Receiver

Shi Smith, Derek Wright (CAR) Stackss:

Shi Smith was one of the more impressive players from last weeks preseason game, and although he didn't get to play too much when he did he was very impressive. I want to see what he brings as well. Derek Wright was basically wide open on all of his reccitpions. Camp stories have been saying this is how it has went with Wright, so he could be someone that has a good game in the second half. The problem with these two is that the Panthers are deep at WR for preseason, Zylstra, Higgins, and Keith Kirkwood are all decent plays as well.

Tre Nixon (Patriots) Core Play:

With Kristian Wilkerson out for this game with a concussion, someone is going to have to step up. Nixon really popped on film showing some quick speed across the middle. He was one of the players that benefitted from the Patriots having to throw the ball a lot as he ended up with 8 targets. Humphrey had the same targets as well, but NIxon's targets were because he was open, and they were designed targets whereas Humphrey was just in the area of where the play ended up flowing to. Both are not bad plays but Nixon is by far the one I want to most of.

Romeo Doubs (Packers) Core Play:

Apparently, Doubs needs so show that he is not going to make mistakes, and as of right now he is not a starter for the Packers which means that he should still get a decent amount of run in this game. The problem with the Packers is that they are very loaded at the WR spot with good enough talent. It is hard to really be "in" on just one of them because they all could end up making a big play or a few big plays like Danny Davis did last week.

Lance Mccutcheon (LAR) Stack with Perkins:

It was clear that Mccutcheon and Perkins had a connection. This lead to 6 targets, 5 receptions 87 yards and 2 TD for Mccutcheon. With a lot of the WRs currently banged up it would not be shocking to see Mccutcheon get a lot of work in the second half of this game.

Tight Ends

Lucas Krull (NO) Stack:

Krull is a TE for the Saints that has had a good camp. Good TE plays are always hard to find, and that is true for this slate Krull could get lucky.


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