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PGA DFS - Course / Tournament Data Sheet - HOW TO USE

The Breakdown of how you can / how I use the Course/Tournament Data Sheet

*I am actively adding in more data into this page. The tournament that is upcoming that week will have the Data Updated onto this page by Monday.

On this page you can sort by tournament winner, but the key thing you should use it for is by sorting by Tournament or Course. This will allow you to see what the course specs are. It will give you the Course Style, Grass, Event Type, the Weather, The average Cut Line, the Average Winning Scoring.

At the bottom of this page you will see the big board of the stats. By using the "Place" slider we can see which stats were the most crucial stats for that week.

Course Styles:

Resort, Links, TPC, and Parkland.

Resort: Simple put these are easy courses. That is was the primary factor for me, any course that is listed here typically plays as one of the easier couses.

Links: Most of know what a Links style course is but for those that do not, it is a wide open course that typically plays really long. The greens are also typically huge.

TPC: A lot of the TPC courses tend to have a mixture of all the 3 other categories we have. But they all typically play the same. They are difficult if you're not hitting your shots well, but one of the easier style courses if you're hitting your shots well. Ball Striking is typically King at this courses.

Parkland: Parkland is the classic Tree lined golf course.

Grass Type:

Bent, Bermuda, Paspalum, Rye, Poa Annua, Blue, and Marram

The 3 main grass types we see are Bent, Poa Annua, and Bermuda.

There are also sup categories to these grass types but this is as far as we need to go.


Perfect, Great, Good, Fair, Bad, Worst, Mixed, and Rain

This is a breakdown of the conditions for a majority of the tournament.

Perfect = 0-5

Great = 5-10

Good = 10-15

Fair = 15-20

Bad = 20-30

Worst = 3+

Rain = Rainy conditions where the wind was not a factor.

Mixed = Rainy conditions where the wind was a factor.

Winning Score + Cut Line:

One way I like to look at this is to see if the weather potentially played a key factor.

Key Stats:

I want to see which are the key stats for that tournament that week. You can also sort it by year to see possibly what led to a stat being key that week. Say the tournament had "Good" conditions 2 of the years, and "Bad" Conditions the 2 other years. We could see if that changed which stats were key. (This will be rare).

I tend to use 3 - 5 key stats for that week.


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