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The Breakdown of how you can / how I use the Lineup Builder.

The lineup builder is currently in BETA. This means that we are still test somethings to make it as useful as possible for you the user. The goal is to give you the player the power to make the lineups that you want to make. Too many times a lineup optimizer will just tell you who to play. We already know who to play. We tell it who we want.

The Lineup Builder will have every slate related to that weeks tournaments. You can use this for the Main Slate, Showdown Slate, or if you're into it the Euro Tour as well!

Currently we have it set so that you can see the players Average DK Points scored. On the column to the right of it you will see the "Proj" column

The "Proj" column is where you can indicate that you would like a player in your lineups. You will adjust the players projection so that it is more than their average points scored if you want them in your lineups. A simple way to do this is to simply add 10 points to theirs average. The more in depth you the user chooses to go with the projections the better it will reflect what you want.

"Include Column": The more you mess around with this column the less the lineup optimizer will have to draw its information. Thus the less lineups it will be able to produce. How I have been using this is to simply is to filter out undesirable plays. I will run the optimizer, scroll to the bottom to see which players were pulled in that I do not want, and unselect them.

At the end of the day this is a tool to help you succeed. I will always recommend doing lineups by hand, but it is nice to have a lineup optimizer max entry contest. Also the optimizer can factor in more variance than you typically would for a give tournament.


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