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The Breakdown of how you can / how I use the Player Data Cheat Sheet.

This page is intended to give you a snap shot of how the player grades out for this weeks tournament. You can also use it to find the best plays in a certain price point range. You could be trying to find a value play, and are looking to see which one of them ranks the highest. You could be at the end of your build trying to find which player in a price point range is the best. You could use it to simply see why or why not a I may be on a player or not.

Another tool you could use this for is Matchup (Head to Head) bets. Simply select the two players you want to see against each other, and see how they rank in the "Player Tournament Rank" Table.

*The "Player Data" header with all the key stats adds up all the stats for the selected players. It starts with every player listed in the field.

This page will be updated a few hours or so after the Draftkings Salaries have been released.

Recent Form:

- The last five to six weeks tournaments on the PGA Tour. If a player has played in one of those events his finishing position will be posted there.

Tournament History:

- A players finishing position at a course over the last 4 years.

*Note the number 100 indicates that a player missed a cut.

Key Stats:

- The Key Stats listed on this page will reflect that players rank on tour.

Stat Rank:

- Average of the key stats. Ranked by how that compares to the rest of the players in the field.

Model Rank:

- Combination of all of the data above. Ranked by how that compares to the rest of the players in the field.


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