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PGA DFS - Showdown / Leaderboard - HOW TO USE

The Breakdown of how you can / how I use the Showdown/Leaderboard

PGA DFS - Showdown / Leaderboard

This to me is the most basic page. The only issue with it is that I am drawing in the Leaderboard data from NBC Sports. From the Player Column to the Current Score column I cannot not update. Once a tournament is update on their site it will get updated on my page.

People tend to make Showdown Slates more difficult than they have to. Use these three basic rules.

1 - If there is a weather advantage with a tee time use that to your advantage.

2 - If there is not a weather advantage favor morning tee times. They typically score much lower.

3 - Regression!!! If a player that was ranking out well struggles in Round 1 they most likely will have a "Regression" Round where they positively play better. Most of the time when a player that ranks out well plays bad it was just a matter of them not having it going that round, and a majority of the time they regress to the mean of what was expected. Regression goes both ways though. If a player in the Model that was ranked poorly has a great round it is not likely that this will continue into the next round(s).

Using the Tool:

This is a simple approach to the showdown slate. Simply see how a player ranks stat fit wise, model wise, and then see how they score in that particular round. The lower all those numbers are the better.

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