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PGA DFS - Writeup - HOW TO USE

The Breakdown of how you can / how I use the Write Up

*Note - some information is a little bit outdate. (Stat Sheet, Cheat Sheet, and Chat) All have been updated and improved.

When does it go live:

That tournaments write-up will always been the featured write-up. This will be available for you most weeks on Tuesday Afternoon/Evening. There may be a couple of weeks in which it is a little bit delayed. This will be due to either the start time of the tournament being later than normal, The DFS salaries being released later than normal, or I just need more time to dive into the data (I value giving you guys the best plays possible).

Confidence Rating: How you should approach that week entry wise.

Not all weeks are created equal, some weeks we just do not have standout plays, some weeks we just have to force in less than optimal plays. This is nothing we control, but we can control how we play that slate, and that is what the Confidence Rating reflects.

With the Confidence Rating you can use it 1 or 2 ways. First is to scale down the amount of $'s you play. The second would be to scale by the amount of lineups you play. This depends on your style.

Red Week: Not enough quality plays that week for us to properly attack a slate. Typically much higher variance. Typically means that if you get 6/6 you will have a big week though. Risk vs Reward.

Yellow Week: A yellow week is the most common week. It is the week in which we have 4 - 7 quality plays that we can make are builds around. This makes lineup construction mostly simple, but we may end up not being able to close out our builds the way we would like. The 5th or 6th players that we put in may be less than optimal.

Green Week: This is simple, we have a ton of quality plays at every price point. This makes constructing good lineups easy. The only problem with a Green week is that it typically does not come around that often, and when it does its normally a Major.

Key Stats:

That weeks key stats for the tournament. I will use these in the write-up as reference points.

Betting Picks:

I will give you guys my top outright bets for the week. This is typically the players that will be in the Core Plays, or High Exposure section of the Player Pool.

This will be up to you guys to stay on top of. You can bet these plays for first round leaders, you could bet them to top 10, 20 or top 40. It is up to you.


The plays will be presenting in order. High Tier, Mid Tier, Low Tier, and Value Tier. Typically speaking the lower the price of a player the less likely they are to make the cut. What I look for are the stand out plays that week. Players where their cut likelihood is not matching up with their price point.

The players are write up are the ones that are standing out in that price point range. They will be players that are popping the most for that week.

Player Pool:

The player pool does go in order with how I would rank them. Below you will see the breakdown of how I categorize a player, and what percent of lineups you should play said player in.

Core Plays: Top plays for that week. Plays that either of the most likelihood to make the cut, or have the most likelihood by far compared to anyone in their price point range. More times than not these players will be checking all of the boxes. (50 - 40 %)

High Exposure Plays: The next best, typically there is not a huge difference from a Core Play to the first or second High Exposure play. These are plays that for the most part should easily make the cut, but they get a slight knock somewhere. Typically it is a missed cut either in recent form or course history. (40 - 30%)

Mid Exposure Plays: This is the section where we typically get our "Shoulder Shrug" plays. The ones that are not standout plays, but should do well. They typically just lack "pop" for that week. This could be because they do not have any top finishes at a course/recent form. Or it could be because of spotty form. Or they have great recent form, and course history but are not a good stat fit. (30-20%)

Low Exposure Plays: Typically speaking these are the plays that I just did not feel comfortable leaving out. These are the players that I would consider lineup fillers. You do not go out of your way to play them at all but if you end up on them you're not feeling bad. (20 - 10%)

Value Plays: A value play that is listed directly in the value column is a play I would not go out of my way to make. These are plays where only if you have to would you want to play them. A value play that you will want to play will have already been listed. (10 - 0 %)

Cash and GPP Plays:

If a player is a Cash play they are a GPP play as well, that is the beauty of golf. But a GPP play is not always a cash play. That is why I separated the two. To indicate which plays in the player pool have more safety (cash), and which have more risk (gpp).

Lineup Process / Sample Build:

This is an exercise that I like to do every week for you. Have the battle in PGA DFS is simply being on the correct lineup path, and making the correct decisions while making your lineups. By having a direct path to your lineups you can really trim down who are the most correct plays. This also helps for you to adjust your builds in GPPs as well. You can simply edit one player out.

*The lineups I show you guys are not direct lineups I will be using. They could be but they could also change. Note I cannot give 100+ people a build or else everyone would use it, and that would then help no one)

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