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Preseason NFL DFS: Thursday 8/25 - Slate 2022 Preview + Core/Captain Plays

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Highlighting the top picks for the Preseason NFL DFS Week 3. Going over the top Showdown and DFS picks as well as highlighting some bets! If you enjoy this coverage make sure to show the youtube video listed below some love or if you're coming for twitter please like the tweet.

Main Friday Slate:

Packers vs Chiefs



Jordan Love / Danny Etling:

It remains seen whether or not Jordan Love will play a lot in this game, we have received word that most of the starters will not play but after a pretty good pre-season I could see Love either getting 1 quarter or he gets a full game. We should get this news before the game, but if he only plays 1 quarter that would mean that Danny Etling the running QB is firmly in play.


Tyler Goodson continues to look like one of if not the best rookie running backs so far this preseason. I do not get how he went undrafted this is just crazy he is looking like the same runner he was in Iowa which is cleary a good thing. Goodson had 10 carries for 42 yards, added one catch for 10 yards. He nearly had a TD as well. But much love with Love he has played well enough to question just how much playing time he will get in the 3rd preseason game. If he gets a lot which he probably will he would be a great play once again. Patrick Taylor is a solid RB for the Packers, he is basically like a Jamaal Williams-type RB that has been very good at doing what they are supposed to, but not giving you that much more than that.


For the Packers the WR plays are very obvious once again if they didn't play their way out of this game. Romeo Doubs, and Juwan Winfree continue to look really good, and with Doubs having a drop issue I think he will continue to play enough. Rookie WR Christian Watson if healthy will be back, and if he is healthy that means he should play a lot, and personally, I am very excited to watch him play if that is the case. If he sits Toure is in play.



At QB for the Chiefs I think we will see a lot of Shane Buechele, just logically looking at it it makes sense for him to play the most in this game, Mahomes/Henne will not touch the field which means that Buechele should get a least a half of football to show of his talents. He is a QB that can run the ball running it for 35 yards in the last game.


Derrick Gore was most likely going to play Rojo out of a job, but Gore out injury and is now on the IR. This means that Rojo is basically going to be playing for his NFL life this weekend. I could really see the Chiefs using this as a "throwaway" game and running Rojo into the ground.


The Chiefs TE group is interested in this game TE Jordy Fortson is coming off of a solid two TD game on 5 targets. But because on that and the small slate, he will probably be the highest-owned TE on the slate. I could see Noah Gray being a fine play in this game, however.

Niners vs Texans:



The news is that we could see Trey Lance play up to 2 quarters, what that means for us playing DFS I don't know. I sort of take this as if we play well enough he will only play a quarter, but if we suck him and the first team O are going to play the full first two quarters. I wonder if that also means that we will get a full half of football from Nate Sudfeld if so that would also be interesting.


Jordan Mason has really been pretty impressive this preseason, and so much so that it would not be shocking to see the Niners cut Trey Sermon who has looked bad. It does seem like it will most likely be one or the other, and as of right now Mason easily has the upper-hand. Mason rushed for over 50 yards last week on just 9 carries.


The Niners are tough to figure out WR wise, and that might just be due to them throwing the ball to the TE 12 times last week. If that continues again the WR plays are less likely to dominate. Danny Gray is the only one that I like as a play for the Niners as of now. The Rookie WR still needs to polish some things up, and we already know that he has the big play upside.


Tanner Hudson the preseason GOAT is listed as a Niner, he was released though, this leaves Tyler Kroft and Troy Fumagalli playing for what is most likely the last TE spot on the team. Personally, I have always like Fumagalli and he would be the one I would want. Like I said the Niners threw the ball 12 times to a TE last week. Tanner Hudson was received 6 of those targets so there are going to be a lot of targets going the Niners way.


The Niners starters are going to play in this game, and with Houston being a little lackluster offensively from their starters I could see that leading to the Niners being the highest scoring D on this small two-game slate.



I think we could see the same playing time allocation this week for the Texans where Millis and Allen get a majority of the game reps, with Millis getting them in the first half and Allen getting them in the second half.


I feel like we are going to see some of Dameon Pierce after he was rested strangely last week. I say strangely because a lot of the starters did play last week. This suggests that he is already the starter, so we will need to see for sure if he is going to play, and if he is going to then this whole room might be stay away.


One player I want to call out because he looked good and because he is getting drafted really late is Nico Collins who just being the WR2 in an offense was already going too late, but affer last week he becomes a great value. Now will that mean anything tonight? Probably not. Phillip Dorsett also looked good but for the most part this offense feels like a stay way


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