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5 Rules to Follow in DFS

5 Basic Rules to Be Successful in DFS

1) Play what you know

a. Research what you don’t

i. The easiest way to be successful in DFS is simply to play what you know. This might sound obvious, but so many times people will play, and lose money on stuff they know they don’t know. On the flip side of that when you play what you know you will be more successful than trying to take a guess. Examples of this can be following your favorite team all year. Knowing who the value play will be when an injury occurs or knowing which opposing player is going to go off.

2) Know what your goal is!

a. Year Long

i. Set yearlong goals for yourself as a DFS player whether that be for a sport, or DFS as a whole. This should be like a “Dream” where to reach your “Dream” you have to set small goals to reach said “Dream”. This could be desired bankroll, amount of GPPs one, etc.

1. If your goal is to make money establish a route in which you can do that. My route is stated in points A and B.

2. If your goal is to have entertainment most nights in sports. Know that, and adjust your bankroll that way.

3. If you’re just trying to win big, aka lose more than you win then adjust your game that way so when you do win, you win big.

b. Season-long

i. This is a key component for me as DFS Player. I was you an example of PGA DFS. In 2018 I had a goal of cashing in over 60% of full tournament field events. I 2019 I had a goal of cashing in over 70% of full tournament field events (FTFE). Both years I was able to crush those goals in 2018 I ended up cashing in 72% of FTFE, in 2019 it was slightly above 85% of FTFE.

1. By setting this goal I was able to establish whether or not I was doing well occurring to my own standards set.

c. Slate

i. Every slate if different for every sport. Use the knowledge you have to establish what you believe will be a successful route for that specific slate.

1. Example: Sometimes in PGA we can tell if we will need 4, 5, or 6 of 6 golfers through the cut to be profitable. I adjust my builds accordingly.

2. Example: In NBA sometimes the stars and scrubs approach will work, and sometimes the fair and balanced approach will work.

ii. Some slates you do just want to play for fun. But know that, that is your goal and play accordingly.

3) Do not be too nearsighted or farsighted

a. Sometimes we hinder our ability to succeed by giving ourselves information overload. Sometimes the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know anything. For DFS this can lead to having too big of a player pool which then leads to overextending your bankroll.

b. Also sometimes you could miss an easy play because you’re too zoomed out.

i. There is a very solid grey area for points A, and B. once you find it, operate in it.

ii. Examples of this: I have seen a lot of players listen to too many people in Fantasy Sports. This typically will lead to them being more confused as to who they should play. Leading them to be inefficient as a fantasy sport player.

iii. Suggestions: Find which Fantasy Analyst fits your style of game, and/or is the best and listen to them. Then listen to one other to get validation without less Bias.

4) Find your edge, and attack it.

a. Slate

i. Not every slate is created equal, and not every slate do we know is going to be a good one. When a good slate pops up that’s when you attack it aggressively.

b. Site

i. Different sites have different pricing and different ways you can attack. This can verify from year to year as well so stay tuned. Ex. NBA DFS on Yahoo two years ago was easy, they had a ton of overlay, and they did not understand how to properly price players. This made it really easy to cash in. Ex (2) For a while Fanduel had golf contests that featured 8 golfs instead of the now-standard 6. This style really fit me as a DFS player.

c. Pricing

i. This is site-specific, you need to know which pricing means which players are values. This is different on each site, and sometimes this can lead to you knowing which site you should play on that night when comparing the pricing of players.

5) Don’t not play just to play

a. A lot of the time people will just play because they normally do. With a lot of the slates if it won’t be fun/entertaining for you, or one that you feel you have a good understanding of what the plays are you should just fade that slate.


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