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5 Rules to Follow in DFS

5 Basic Rules to Be Successful in DFS

1) Play what you know

a. Research what you don’t

i. The easiest way to be successful in DFS is simply to play what you know. This might sound obvious, but so many times people will play, and lose money on stuff they know they don’t know. On the flip side of that when you play what you know you will be more successful than trying to take a guess. Examples of this can be following your favorite team all year. Knowing who the value play will be when an injury occurs or knowing which opposing player is going to go off.

2) Know what your goal is!

a. Year Long

i. Set yearlong goals for yourself as a DFS player whether that be for a sport, or DFS as a whole. This should be like a “Dream” where to reach your “Dream” you have to set small goals to reach said “Dream”. This could be desired bankroll, amount of GPPs one, etc.

1. If your goal is to make money establish a route in which you can do that. My route is stated in points A and B.

2. If your goal is to have entertainment most nights in sports. Know that, and adjust your bankroll that way.

3. If you’re just trying to win big, aka lose more than you win then adjust your game that way so when you do win, you win big.