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Did the Saudi Golf League LIV up to Expectations?

What is LIV Golfs real goal, because, after this week we can certainly see that it is not about “Growing the game”, “innovation of the game” or any other selling point Greg Norman tried to give us. They put out a product that is just not appealing to anyone in sports, especially to actual fans that watch the game of golf. If a casual fan turns on the coverage because they thought it was going to be innovated I worry that it is going to hurt the game of golf because this product is bad so far.

If you’re someone that consistently watches golf you would know that the most boring events are the ones with no cuts. The first 3 rounds just are not that fun to watch when there isn’t a cut, and really it puts less of an emphasis on each shot. Maybe that is why LIV golf is only doing 54 holes to get to the appeal of the game a lot faster, the final round, and really the final back nine. But really, I think they went with 54 holes due to the number of older golfers they knew that they could get.

The fun part about golf is buying into the weekly storylines that there are, embracing the grind that each player has gone through to get to that point, between Monday qualifiers, and local “legends” playing in events it is fun to see how those storylines build-up throughout the week. When it comes to the event there is nothing better than firing up that Thursday morning golf coverage, ready to watch your favorite golfers either golf low or grind their way through a round. If they have a bad round well you know it is over, and it's “better luck next time”. The cut is almost the most important part of the game, it is what makes each event fun, and appealing on the first 2 rounds of the event. If not it wouldn’t matter, and not many people would even care to watch. In golf you need a cut to build proper storylines. By going with golfers that no one really cares about and actively cheers against it is going to be hard to build storylines that are actually appealing. This is the same reason that I will typically only watch the final round of a Champions Tour Major. This is also a reason why I find LIV golf more of a compe