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Going over the basic strategies to make you successful in NFL DFS. Now each week is slightly different, but these are the strategies you should consider each and every week when you're making your lineups.

1) Play on the Full Slate: Thursday - Sunday

- Specifically in Cash Contests, as the Contest Profit Line is normally a lower total score as it would be for the Main Slate.

- People spend less time looking at these slates, and will typically play these slates because they get the itch to play on Thursday night which will lead to increased ownership levels of those players that typically should not be that high. This leads to a huge edge.

2) Play what you know.

3) Position Strategy:

QB) Typically I like to find the lowest priced QB that we know will exceed his salary point. Most times throughout the season this will be a QB that is priced right around 5K that will score over 15DK points. This will allow us to pay up for touches/opportunities elsewhere. If you can you should stack this QB with the WR that you know will go off on that QBs team.

RB) Opportunity is King! Opportunity = Rushes + Targets. A simple way to establish the value of an RB play is to simply take their projected Opportunites divided by their base salary. Example: RB is projected to get 15 Opportunities and they are priced at $5.0K this means that value point of 3. Anything lower than this is poor, and we should avoid (High-End RBs is slightly different) anything higher than this is good. Obvious we factor in match-up and game script as well. Typically I like to play 3 RBs in my cash lineups that are projected to get over 65 opportunities.

WR) Wide Receiver is about two main components: Match-up, and Projected Targets. Most of the time these will go hand in hand. The basic approach to a WR is to take their salary and see if that salary point matches their projected targets. If a player is priced at $7.5K then they should be projected or average at least 7.5 targets. In cash your 3 WRs should typically be projected to see 25 targets total.

TE) For the most part you simply apply the same rules as you did for Wide Receiver and apply that to tight end. Sometimes tight end does not get priced up enough which can lead to flex play especially in GPPs.

D) Defense is tough in 2019 because Draftkings keeps pricing a defense around $2K these defenses typically do not go negative which makes playing them super easy as it opens up the rest of your build. The basic strategy is to play one of your RBs defenses as it correlates well.

4) Based Projected Point Total = 140

- The base projected total you should aim for each week is 140 on Draftkings and 135 on Fanduel. Now this will change from week to week based on the prices for that slate.


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