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NFL DFS Week 17 - Main Slate

This is going to be another example of the content that will be featured on the new membership page for 925 Sports.

Week 17 in typical years is one of my most successful slates, as it is a lot of guys we know from the preseason, thus we can apply our preseason DFS analysis into Week 17 for DFS. In recent years however the NFL seems to be "testing" out players earlier and earlier in the year. Take last week for example we know that Will Grier had really looked bad in the preseason (against practice squad players) thus we knew that the Colts D should be in for a good day. This week 17 is a little bit more difficult with the playoff implications at hand, along with that the players we want to target from the preseason are all in really bad match ups. (RG3 this week) Still I do like this slate a lot, and I will be attacking it aggressively.

Slate Confidence Rating: Yellow - Green

Below we start on the write up this week we need to establish some situations that we are avoiding. It sounds like the Bills starters will not be playing the whole game which makes them tough to play. The Vikings have the 5th or 6th seed locked up so it would not surprise me to see them rest their starters somewhat. The Ravens have already told us that they are sitting a lot of their starters. The Saints said they won't rest their starters at all, but I do feel like they could. Just all things to consider this week when making our builds.