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Preseason NFL DFS: Saturday 8/21/2022 - Slate 2022 Preview + Core/Captain Plays

Highlighting the top picks for the Preseason NFL DFS Week 2. Going over the top Showdown and DFS picks as well as highlighting some bets! If you enjoy this coverage make sure to show the youtube video listed below some love or if you're coming for twitter please like the tweet.

Sunday Slate:

Highlight the 3 games below.

Browns vs Eagles

Eagles: Last week we were going out of our way to play the Eagles RBs as they were pretty banged up heading into the game, and today they are a little bit more healthy. Sanders is not going to play in this one which leaves Gainwell, Scott, Huntley, Brooks, and Torrey. Torrey shouldn't play that much which leaves us with 4 RBs. Gainwell has been a sleeper for a lot of people in drafts but apparently he struggled this week in camp, he needs to have a good showing to fend off Boston Scott for the RB2 spot. Scott is sort of the play I like the most, he will be getting a majority of the snaps later on in the first half which means he has a better chance of getting some easy receptions. Both are ok plays. Huntley and Brooks should operate with the second unit.

Now last year the Eagles did not play many of their starters because they got their "live" reps in at joint practice during the week. That doesn't matter much for the RB spot as Sanders is already out but it does matter for the rest of the plays on this team.

At QB we will most likely not see Hurts, which means we will see limited work of Minshew. There also is the expectation that Carson strong will play the whole second half. Strong has apparently had the exact opposite camp that his name applies so this will be a big game for him. He would be someone you could use as a flex spot on the SD slate.

At WR I do not expect the starters to play much but who are the starters? Quez Watkins, and Zach Pascal have both looked great, and enough to earn a starter roll. While Smith and AJ Brown are almost guaranteed to not see much work it is tough to determine the rest of the playing time here. Jalen Reagor is a play that makes sense to me though as he is someone that needs to play well, and he should be locked into playing at least a half of football.

The one play that is a bit of a stand-out play for the Eagles is Devon Allen, the Olympian has should see a lot of work in the second half of this game, and the Eagles will look to get him some play on the field. Another player that people are excited about if he plays is Covey. Both are great risk-reward plays.


The Browns might have played their starters in this one but with the rain falling down in this game it does not make sense to play them, so with Watson already not playing that means we should get half of football out of Josh Dobbs, and Josh Rosen. Both of these QBs I think can be in your lineup. The worry would be how many points can they score with a wet football.

At RB the one play that I like the most on this slate is going to be Jerome Ford who was just perfect last week, every play he made was either what you want or better. He had 10 carries and 5 targets in the last game, and should get around that same workload in this one. I think it is expected that the top 3 RBs for this squad will be Chubb, Hunt, and Johnson leaving Ford as the likely RB4. He will need another great game to ensure his roster spot and I bet that happens today. John Kelly Jr is another great play in this game he had 10 rushing attempts for only 20 yards but did have 3 targets as well. Both I think make for great captain picks.

At WR it gets tough, last week the Browns did not throw the ball much, and with the weather the way it is they might not in this game as well. David Bell is the only stand out WR play I see on this slate. Javon Wims might not be the smartest WR out there but he can make plays, and he is someone that should be playing a decent amount in this game. He is another ok WR play.


The Defenses are going to be the top plays on this slate. Both should be in your captain spot. After that I love Jerome Ford, after that I think Kelly, Scott, and Huntley are going to be great plays, and then after that are all the other plays that I mentioned.

Bengals vs Giants


Brandon Allen ruined some builds last week when he got a concussion after the first drive, he was supposed to play the whole first half, and I would assume that would be the case once again today. With Jake Browning looking terrible it is hard to see him getting another deep look as well. Allen is a top QB play on this slate. Drew Plitt could get work in this one instead of Browning

A play that I LOVE on this slate is Chris Evans, because I will assume most people did not watch this game, and if they did not they would not see the huge plays that Chris Evans had called back. I mean this man had around 20 DK points called back on penalties, now some of those were on the same drive but man he looked good. Box watchers will not notice this. Jacques Patrick is also a very strong runner who should be able to produce in this one.

Another big standout on film was WR Kendrick Pryor who really only had one accurate pass all night which went for an easy TD. that means 3 of his receptions were ones in which he was grabbing them away from defenders Pryor looked like a man amongst boys last week. I think the Bengals loved what they saw in him and will continue to get another good look. WRs Trent Taylor and Trenton Irvwin will be find plays but it is TE Thaddeus Moss that I think will be a great play. He had 4 targets for 6.9 DK points. Those targets should be there for him again which means the product should be as well.


The big news on this slate, is that Gary Brightwell and Matt Breida will not play on this slate, which I would assume means Barkley will not as well. This leaves us with a lock of all locks in Antonio Williams, and partially Jashaun Corbin. Williams has alway been a great runner of the football, just someone has been holding him back from getting him playing time. He had 9 carries 61 yards and 1 TD. Corbin was also impressive last week with 6 carries and 23 yards. Corbin also added in 5 receptions for 28 yards. I like playing both of them in buildls as the work load should be locked in.

The Giants will also be without 5 of their WRs and with Kenny Golladay maybe not playing that much this could lead to more of Collin Johnson being a stud again. Last game Johnson had 9 targets and scored over 16 DK points. I think he will be a solid play once again. Other good plays would be rookie WR Robinson, and Richie James.

At QB Daniel Jones might play, but the Giants are down to some backup lineman which coach Daboll seemed to be worried about, (which is why I do not expect much of Saquan). This would most likely mean a half from Tyrod and for sure a half from Davis Webb. Both would be good plays.

Ravens vs Cardinals


The Ravens released QB Brett Hundley which honestly the Seahawks need to give that man a call. This means that the slate gets tough because Lamar Jackson is sitting in this one, and Tyler Huntley, and Anthony Brown looked great last week. I know I love Brandon Allen, and Pryor as a stack but we might just have to go with one of Brown or Huntley in every build they are the same player as Jackson which means the offense does not change which also means high rushing upside.

AT RB I think Tyler Baddie, and Nate McCrary are still firmly in play with the starters not playing, with Corey Clement cut, and Mike Davis most likely sitting this should mean more playing time and more attempts for Baddie and McCary who both looked fine. I do think Justice Hill will get the first crack but just how much will he play.

Makai Polk had the quietest 8 targets and 10DK points I have ever seen, it was actually WRs Shemar Bridges, and TE Isaiah Likely that stood out on film. Likely is a TE so he almost makes for the best play we have at that spot. I think Polk and Bridges will be the WR plays to target in this one.


We need to wait on playing time to come out at the QB spot but I am not sure we will see Murray or McCoy in this one which would leave us with McSorley and Guarantano who both balled out as well. I mean the QB plays on this slate are INSANE if this holds up. I sort of need McCoy and/or Murrray to play on this slate to make it easier.

Rookie Keontany Ingram somewhat stoled the show at RB having a TD and 2 receptions. But Jonathan Ward also looked good falling into the endzone twice. Both are fine plays again, I just know I like the Giants RBs more.

At WR I still think Andy Iseballe and Greg Dortch are great plays, which once again sucks. Both should be in for around 5 targets and should easily hit value. How to go about navigating this slate at each position will be the difference maker.

At least are player pool is going to be a tight one with a lot of upside.


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