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3M Open Showdown Slate

FYI I will be "Out of the Office" Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for my Bachelor party. I will be checking my phone during, but I will have limited service, and response times may be slower. As always by default simply follow two rules for the showdown slate.

  • Use Players from the player pool.

  • Target Players that are due to regress (positively)\

Round 1:

Harris English and Scott Stallings both rank top 10 in first round scoring, and that is with 10 or more rounds, so it is statically significant. I like them both as anchors for your builds. But they both have PM Tee times which all in all shouldn't matter too much, but AM tee times typically score slightly better.

1) Harris English

2) Scott Stallings

3) Tony Finau (Top 20 round 1 scoring)

4) Richey Werenski (Top 40 round 1 scoring)

5) Seamus Power Top 40 round 1 scoring)

6) Matthew NeSmith (Dude can only score in round one, top 20 round 1 scorer. Great stat fit.)

Now Obviously I still really like Glover, Casey, Norlander, Vegas, and Redman - If you play them they are good plays. The players above just have a higher likelihood to due well based on their salaries on the showdown slate.

By default you could just play your main build in round 1 for the showdown slate as well.

Others Receiving Votes: Chase Seiffert, Tim Wilkinson, Cameron Tringale, Adam Long

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Doron Brookhim
Doron Brookhim
Jul 23, 2020

Enjoy your Bachelor party and congrats!!

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