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Memorial Round 1 - Showdown

First I do not think that we should play this one too much, just simply due to the weather. In the morning it is supposed to be from 3 - 10 mph of wind which isn't bad compared to the PM tee times, which is supposed to range from 10 - 17 mph. The problem is that it is supposed to storm during the PM tee times, so we can expect it to have a delay, heck it could get postponed to Friday. Then the Friday AM (Thursday PM tee times) tee time players would be the ones we would want to target because Friday's weather is ideal.

As always you can simply use the player pool for round one to determine your round 1 player pool. Remember round 2 showdown is typically the one to target.

Round 1 Showdown Plays - Morning Tee time:

1) Bryson - We know he is the best play in the field, he is the second best 1st round scorer.

2) Cantlay - 3rd best 1st round scorer. Should dominate this week.

3) Morikawa - Top 20 in round 1 scoring, we know he can play this course well.

4) Ian Poulter - 6th in Round 1 Scoring

5) Xander - Solid play in general, top 20 1st round scorer.

6) Ancer - Top 50 in round 1 scoring, checking all the boxes this week.

7) Hovland - Solid play this week, top 50 in round 1 scoring.

8) Streelman - Grades out as a great play this week. Bit risky, but can go low.

9) Niemann - Good price point.

10) Brendan Steele

11) Cink - Fine value play

Ok Plays: Mark Hubbard (31st in round 1 scoring), Scott Piercy (could pop this week)

- Nick Taylor, and Harris English are both players with Afternoon Tee times that can go low!


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