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One thing that stands out here, is that the Early Tee Times typically will have a better scoring average. This is mostly due to how windy this event typically gets. This week it is supposed to be around 10 - 15 mph the whole week. With it typically being less windy in the morning, the course tends to play a lot easier.

I will be breaking down the first, and second-round picks that I will be targeting. I will be targetting players in my player pool, and using the first and second-round scoring data that I am posting below to make my builds.

Round 1 Showdown Slate: Player listed, Early Round 1 Scoring Rank, total round 1 scoring Rank.

Rickie Fowler (1st, 124)

Niemann (5th, 24th)

NeSmith (21st, 26th)

Rodgers (T39, 42nd)

Schenk (T68, 39th)

Hovland (T27, 52nd)

Billy Ho (T70, 17th)

Tringale (T10, 27)

Wilkinson (Top half in field)

*Note: I will be going out of my way to get Nesmith, Rickie, and Billy Ho into most of my showdown builds.


Round 2 Showdown Slate: Player listed, Early Round 2 Scoring Rank, total round 2 scoring Rank.

*Note: Use Regression for Round 2. If a highly ranked player struggles in round one, it is more than likely that they are going to have a good round 2, and regress back to their norm. This also applies to a player who goes off in round 1 the other way.

English (11th, 27th)

Knox (27th, 25th)

Harman (34th, 32nd)

Woodland (T44, 6th)

Trahan (T35, T30)

Lee (44th, 21st)

Cink (NA, 23rd)

Berger (166th, 54th)

(Players above are in order)

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