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PGA DFS - The Memorial Tournament

We have an event at the same exact course as last week, which should in theory make things easier. The only worry is that the course will play slighlty harder than what it did last week, still the golfers should be able to adjust accordingly. This week will be a lot easier to make a build to your own desire unlike last week, where it felt like we were forcing players into our build. This week we have a ton of great plays at any given price point.

Last week it was a Red/Yellow week due to how closer the whole 7K range was, and the fact that it was looking like most builds would only lead to 5/6 across the cut. This week it should just be a matter of getting the right combination of plays, and not get unlucky.


Great Price Points, Recent Form, Course History, and enough Data to go off of. Should be a solid week this week.