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Workday Charity Open - Round 2 Showdown

First we have some players that should regress a bit back to the mean positively, Woodland, and Stuard were both struggling with their putters, and I expect some of those putts to drop tomorrow. I also expect Hubbard to play better tomorrow as well. The only problem with those 3 plays on the show down slate is that I want to attack the morning slate.

Other than the 3 players I mentioned above this is who I am targeting for the round 2 showdown slate.

  1. Patrick Cantlay - Due to play better, top 2 in early round 2 scoring.

  2. Joaquinn Niemann - Top 20 in early round 2 scoring - fair price.

  3. Gary Woodland - Top 10 in Round 2 Scoring Average - We have seen this before.

  4. Morikawa - Game seems to be back, solid early round 2 scorer - he should obviously regress back some tomorrow, but should still shoot under par.

  5. Hadley is a value option you can go with.

  6. Brian Stuard - Due to make some putts.

  7. Rickie - Top 10 in early round 2 scoring - not a need to get him into your builds.

  8. Mark Hubbard - Slightly worried about him, but I will double down on this play.

  9. Lanto Griffin - Solid Round two scorer - popped a little bit on the stat sheet.

  10. Matthew Fitzpatrick - Solid Early Rounds two scorer.

  11. Troy Merritt - Decent price point - I like the form - he seems to be on his game.

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