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925 Golf Data is designed to do the work for you. The Cheat Sheet is curated each week for that specific golf tournament. This is done to increase the predictability in golf tournaments each week. Taking the guessing out of DFS, and start making more educated decisions with your golf lineups, and bets. Below is a list of the tools available at 925 Sports for the PGA Tour. 


PGA DFS Writeup

This is the weekly deep dive covering everything you need to know for that tournament. Highlighting the top plays, bets, values and ownership leverage plays. If you feel you "need" more than this you're doing too much.

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The betting sheet gives you the data of who is most likely to win, top 10, and have the FRL lead. The data that is highlighted is how Vegas is treating the player, vs how 925's data is treating the player.

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Ownership Leverage

NineToFive's Ownership Leverage Tool is designed to show you the projected ownership, and if a golfer is too high owned or too low owned, and how to go about using that information.

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925 Golf Tools

Highlighting the top tools in the fantasy golf industry for 925 members.

Cheat Sheat

The 925 Cheat Sheet gives you all the information you need for that weeks tournament. It is straight to the point data, that tells you who the best plays are and why.

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DK Lineup Optimizer

The 925 Lineup Optimizer is complete with Ownership, and Fantasy points projections. You can set "groups" for players you want to target. You can set your exposures to specific players, or for the full slate.

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The Showdown / Leaderboard page highlights how golfers are doing, and how they are projected to do in the upcoming round(s). Highlight who is most likely to win, player better, and the top picks for that round.

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News, Updates, and Coming Soon

Beta NFL Cheat Sheet 12/6/2022

Updated a beta NFL DFS Cheat Sheet. This is available by clicking on the current NFL Cheat Sheet. Added in an emphasis on FanDuel. A player profile tab, and props bet tab has been added as well.

Projections - Update - Auto Refresh

The projections for NFL and PGA lineup optimizer(s) will now update automatically throughout the day / week whenever there are updates. This means PGA DFS round by round date will update throughout the day rather than at the end of the round.

Cheat Sheet / PGA Dashboard

The Cheat Sheet is Mobile friendly for all users where as the PGA Dashboard struggles with some iphone users. If you're looking to use the PGA Dashboard please do so on a desktop.

Year, Week, and Monthly Membership?

Coming soon, 925 will be offering a yearly membership, and a weekly membership to go along with the monthly membership. In the next coming months the 925 monthly membership will be getting a bump in price due to all the new data that is going in. (Most likely just from $10 to $14 dollars). The yearly membership will be $120 (same as a member paying $10 for 12 months). The Weekly will be around $8 per week. I will make members aware of this a month before it takes place. (will have a discount for current members as well)

NFL DFS Cheat Sheet

The NFL DFS Cheat Sheet has seen continous updates throughout the season. The newest updates have been on the "Snaps" section of the Cheat Sheet, showing you Snap %, Total Plays, OPR per Snap, and DK Points scored per Snap.

The Website

Efforts are going towards making the website more robust and easier to use for all members. Added in this section, contact section, FAQ's section, and a Podcast section.

Small Sample Size Data - Golf

A small update was posted for the 925 Golf Model. This will now take into account when a golfer has a small sample size, and adjust their ranking accordingly. The data that will not be adjusted is their stat fit, recent form, course history or specialist. Whatever data we have for those key metrics will not be adjusted.

925 Membership is all in one.

The 925 Membership will now be all together under one membership. This is done to make it easier on members, and myself to get the most out of their experience.

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